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2020-2020 TV Shows on Yify TV

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Watch The Challenge: ETA 2020 Online

The story of how the Guardia Civil, a militarized police force, fought for nearly half a century against ETA, a ruthless terrorist gang dedicated to murder, kidnapping, extortion and arms and drug smuggling while cynically demanding independence for the Basque Country in northern Spain.

Watch Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room 2020 Online

Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley are opening up to viewers as they’ve never done before. The guys are kicking back in their screening room to watch their favorite episodes of the hit series “Ghost Adventures” and get candid with fans – and each other – about their craziest experiences over the past decade. Away from the haunted locations we usually see them in, with no equipment or investigations, it’s just the team, some munchies and never-before-heard stories from the moments that created a legacy. Get ready for laughs, screams and surprises alongside the crew in the ultimate tell-all event.

Watch Deadly Hunters 2020 Online

The Earth, our planet, is a magnificent and diverse world, filled to the brim with life. But life, in all its forms, cannot exist except within a very specific set of rules – among many, to be alive means to breathe, to breed, to sense one’s environment, and importantly – to and nourishment, in whatever form fits. Out in the wild, it’s eat or be eaten, and few escape this one law that governs all. The epic and eternal battle of predator vs. prey has moulded and shaped all life on Earth and resulted in a fierce array of weaponry and masterful set of skills. Deadliest Hunters takes a closer look at some of the animals that have led the way in refining their skills as masterful huntsmen.

Watch The Pharmacist 2020 Online

After his son’s tragic death, a Louisiana pharmacist goes to extremes to expose the rampant corruption behind the opioid addiction crisis.

Watch The Bad Kids 2020 Online

A story that follows three children from a coastal town who unintentionally film a murder scene. As the kids become involved with the suspect, it opens up a case that is far more complicated than it looks and entraps several families into an unpredictable outcome.

Watch Sobreamor 2020 Online

After two years of ending a traumatic relationship, Martín is ready to try again to find love.

Watch We Hunt Together 2020 Online

Explore the intoxication of sexual attraction, the dangerous power of emotional manipulation, and how finding a volatile form of solace in another can have dire consequences as two conflicted coppers track down a pair of deadly killers.

Watch Cuentos para viernes por la noche 2020 Online

Watch Over Christmas 2020 Online

Down-and-out musician Bastian battles the blues as he returns home for Christmas and encounters a series of not-so-cheery surprises.

Watch Floor is Lava 2020 Online

Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers.