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<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">29</div> <div class="month">October</div> <div class="day">Thursday</div> </div>

S3E3 - Star Trek: Discovery

Reunited with Burnham, Discovery heads to Earth to find out what has happened to the Federation in the last thousand years.

S15E34 - Rachael Ray

Today’s show is good for your health! Rachael’s cooking up seasoned noodles and cucumber salad. Then, Dr. Ian Smith is answering viewer questions about staying healthy during the flu season, and Dr. William Li is breaking down one of the latest Covid headlines.

S23E43 - Pokémon

S2E32 - Bluey

S3E3 - Riviera

Georgina and Gabriel interrogate a hungover Cesar about Tomas Castillo. Later, Georgina runs into trouble with Ellen when visiting Alex.

S1E4 - The Sister

After Bob’s true intentions are revealed, Nathan fights back with everything he has. But how far is he prepared to go?

S19E6 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians

As L.A. prepares for a potential lockdown, Khloé falls ill and worries that she may have Covid-19. Malika goes into labour and cannot bring her support system to the hospital. Kris is devastated that she cannot safely be with her mum.

S6E1 - Superstore

During the coronavirus pandemic, Amy and Jonah try to bring order to the chaos in Cloud 9 while being pulled in multiple directions. The employees learn what it means to be “heroes,” while Amy and Jonah’s impending move to California looms large.

S15E17 - Supernatural

Dean hits the road with Jack who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck. A difference of opinion leaves Sam and Castiel behind looking for answers to questions of their own.


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">30</div> <div class="month">October</div> <div class="day">Friday</div> </div>

S2E1 - The Mandalorian

S3E1 - Suburra: Blood on Rome

S1E5 - The Right Stuff

Trudy meets with Jerrie Cobb and is invited to join the first all-female-astronaut corps. The Mercury 7 are sent to San Diego for some glad-handing, but the trip sours when Shepard is caught by a reporter with another woman. Glenn helps Shepard get the story spiked, but his moralizing drives a wedge between him and the other astronauts that will directly affect who is chosen to go to space first.

S1E1 - Truth Seekers

S1E2 - Truth Seekers

Gus and Elton are sent to fix the broadband connection at The Portland Beacon, “the only horror themed hotel on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast”. Just as Gus is beginning to tire of the eccentric owners and their daft horror gimmicks, Elton…

S7E21 - PAW Patrol

The pups are getting a surprise present ready for Ryder. However, it ends up in the jungle and the tools inside it are in the hands of monkeys.

S15E35 - Rachael Ray

How does Rachael pull off Halloween at home? We’ve got Alfonso Ribeiro with some of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Halloween edition! Then, party planner-to-the-stars, Mary Giuliani, is showing how to make easy, no-bake haunted Halloween treats with store-bought desserts — Ghost in a Jar & an Edible Graveyard. Plus, if you like apple pie with cheddar on top, Rachael is making your dream casserole!

S4E18 - Haikyu!!

Nekoma faces off in the second set against Sarukawa tech in one of their most challenging sets yet. Sarukawa tech’s plan on taking out Nekoma’s setter, Kenma, gets set in motion.

S61E174 - Coronation Street

Geoff gets one over on Alya by making a complaint about her to the police for harassment. Later, the abuser meets up with his new girlfriend in a swanky hotel! Johnny heads to the police station to make a confession. But when Scott gets wind of his plan, he orders Johnny to stop and return home -or he’ll shoot Jenny!

S2E33 - Bluey

S28E5 - The Graham Norton Show

Graham is joined by Irish actor and singer Jessie Buckley, comedian Bill Bailey, children’s author David Walliams and singer Dermot Kennedy, who performs his single Giants.

S11E2 - Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel, Dave Turin and Fred Hurt reveal their gold mining origins and how a small remote corner of Southeast Alaska changed their destinies.

S12E3 - Shark Tank

A husband and wife from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pitch their adult swaddle design. Entrepreneurs from Plano, Texas, pitch their inventive approach to fish luring. A husband and wife from Las Vegas, Nevada, share their retail franchise that serves a variety of cereal-centric treats. An entrepreneur from Provo, Utah, pitches his product designed to relieve back pain.

S2E5 - Warrior

A guilty Mai Ling tries to make things right with Ah Sahm, who’s more intent than ever on seeking revenge. Penny finds her business in trouble and learns that Ah Sahm has been using her. Leary gets a warning and offers one of his own. Ah Toy pays an emotional visit to Nellie’s Sonoma winery. Bill and Chao put their plot against the Fung Hai into action.


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">31</div> <div class="month">October</div> <div class="day">Saturday</div> </div>

S27E16 - Power Rangers

Nate is reunited with his do-gooder parents, who offer him a compelling and difficult choice.

S2E34 - Bluey

S2020E8 - Match of the Day

Gary Lineker introduces highlights of Saturday’s Premier League fixtures, including the game between champions Liverpool and West Ham. The Merseysiders are unbeaten in their last eight games against the Hammers.

S1E7 - Patria

S1E22 - Digimon Adventure:

S2E4 - Eli Roth's History of Horror


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">01</div> <div class="month">November</div> <div class="day">Sunday</div> </div>

S1E172 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

S2E9 - Undercover

S29E5 - Top Gear

S2E35 - Bluey

S1E3 - Roadkill

Confronted with his affair, pressure mounts on the home front for Peter, meanwhile Rochelle questions whether to pick up where Charmian left off.

S2E4 - The Spanish Princess

While meg risks all for love, a pregnant Katherine struggles with the nauseating possibility Henry is cheating on her.

S32E4 - The Simpsons

The 31st annual Simpsons Halloween special includes a frightening look at the 2020 election, parodies of Pixar and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and a ninth birthday Lisa just can’t get over.

S11E4 - Bob's Burgers

The kids meet a mysterious old woman at a hotel on Halloween as Louise plots her revenge for a candy transgression; Bob and Linda donate blood at a vampire-themed blood mobile.

Heartbreak Hotel-oween

The kids meet a mysterious old woman at a hotel on Halloween as Louise plots her revenge for a candy transgression; Bob and Linda donate blood at a vampire-themed blood mobile.

S6E4 - Fear the Walking Dead

S19E4 - Family Guy

Peter and Lois accidentally set up a cutaway gag together, which somehow transports them into the cutaway itself.

S1E5 - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

While the group works together to cross the Mississippi River, a plot to take the teenagers home hits an obstacle; a group member must overcome past traumas to save others from an oncoming threat.

S4E7 - Fargo

Josto makes a bold move, Loy battles his demons and Oraetta silences her critics.


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">02</div> <div class="month">November</div> <div class="day">Monday</div> </div>

S61E175 - Coronation Street

Johnny and Jenny tell Emma that Scott has been arrested for the robbery. Emma is questioned by the police about Scott.

S2E36 - Bluey

S3E5 - Corner Gas Animated

S28E44 - WWE Raw

S1E6 - Filthy Rich

Ginger tries to leverage the tape of her kidnapping with Luke to bring down the men of 18:22.

S1E5 - Soulmates

Devastated to discover that his soulmate is dead, big-hearted Kurt finds faith and opportunity in the arms of The Church of Righteous Transition, an organization that promises to help those whose soulmates have passed on.

S4E1 - The Good Doctor

S1E8 - We Are Who We Are

In honor of her last day in Italy, Caitlin and Fraser sneak off to catch a concert in Bologna. Along the way, Fraser finally feels comfortable admitting a shocking secret about Mark and finds a new friend in Luca before he and Caitlin spend their final moments together in the most beautiful place on earth. Season finale.


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">03</div> <div class="month">November</div> <div class="day">Tuesday</div> </div>

S2E37 - Bluey


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">04</div> <div class="month">November</div> <div class="day">Wednesday</div> </div>

S61E177 - Coronation Street

Tim soaks Geoff when he tries to ruin their party. When Debbie then tells Geoff that Sally’s been slagging him off, he attacks…

S2E39 - Bluey

S2E38 - Bluey

S4E6 - The Masked Singer

The Group C contestants return for their second performance of the season.

S2E1 - Alaskan Bush People

The born-and-raised-wild Brown family reveals their unique Christmas traditions out in the Alaskan bush. They also reflect on the past year as well as what’s on the horizon for the family.


<div class="date-title"> <div class="number">05</div> <div class="month">November</div> <div class="day">Thursday</div> </div>

S3E4 - Star Trek: Discovery

S2E41 - Bluey

S2E40 - Bluey

S3E4 - Riviera

Georgina wakes up in a remote psychiatric facility. An increasingly anxious Gabriel asks Daphne to help him report Georgina’s disappearance.

S6E2 - Superstore

S4E1 - Young Sheldon

S15E18 - Supernatural