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Air Days Ago

Air Days Ago

S5E33 - VICE News Tonight

African Americans are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 but are also less likely to get a vaccine. VICE News goes to Tuskegee, Alabama, to explore the history of hesitancy.

S26E68 - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

S4E10 - S.W.A.T.

As the SWAT team helps the LAPD search for the prime suspect in a woman’s disappearance, they’re joined in the field by a new team member. The personal strain between Chris and Street comes to a head as both await Hicks’ decision on who the winner is of a prestigious leadership competition.

S4E3 - Snowfall

Franklin’s troubles extend beyond the gangs, putting Cissy in jeopardy. Teddy and Gustavo seek revenge.

S1E6 - Resident Alien

Harry copes with jealousy when the mayor hires an annoyingly perfect new town doctor.

S4E8 - SEAL Team

When Jason returns to Bravo, tensions rise as Ray outranks him on a mission to recover military drones in Syria. Sonny receives surprising news from Texas.

S3E12 - The Conners

Mark is stressed out and feeling sick, convinced he has COVID-19. Meanwhile, Becky and Harris team up to confront Josh who has been “ghosting” Harris. And when Jackie visits Roseanne’s grave, she finds an appalling headstone right next to it and sets out to make it right.

S5E11 - American Housewife

Katie and Greg secretly put Kathryn through a series of tests to see if she would make a good guardian for Anna-Kat in the unlikely event something should happen to them. Meanwhile, after tracking down J.D.’s potential egg donors, Tami and Katie scheme to learn more about them.

S15E10 - WWE NXT

S3E9 - All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite

S3E5 - Coroner

After a gruesome discovery at a body farm, Jenny and Donovan unearth a small town’s tragic secrets.

S8E13 - The Goldbergs

As William Penn’s new Quaker Warden, Beverly is thrilled to have co-workers for the first time and sets out to make them all love her. To her dismay, it’s more difficult to win them over than she anticipated, as her reputation of being a difficult school parent precedes her. Meanwhile, Geoff competes in the “Mr. Ships Ahoy” beauty pageant to prove to Erica that he can be seen as desirable by other women.

S2020E37 - Match of the Day

S62E44 - Coronation Street

After a county court judgement arrives in the post, Yasmeen has a massive panic attack and collapses, struggling to breathe…

S15E102 - Rachael Ray

It’s make-your-own pizza night at Rachael’s house! And she’s making a tomato pie on a sheet pan. Then, “The Great British Bake Off” champ, Nadiya Hussain, is serving up a delicious oven chicken dinner.

S2E22 - Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Garfiel faces off against Elsa, Ram and Puck faces off against Roswaal, Subaru confronts Beatrice, and Emilia confronts her second trial. Each have their own duty that they must complete.

S4E8 - The Seven Deadly Sins

S5E32 - VICE News Tonight

St. George, Utah, is fighting to build a water pipeline to its booming desert community, but activists say that would jeopardize the entire region. VICE News hears both sides.

S26E67 - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

S2E7 - FBI: Most Wanted

After a suspect escapes trial and goes on a murder spree, the team partners with his bail bondsperson, Jackie, in order to track him down. Also, Jess continues to struggle with moving forward in his love life.

S1E2 - Superman & Lois

While adjusting to their new lives in Smallville, Lois and Clark make an important decision concerning one of their sons. Meanwhile, tensions begin to rise between Lois and Morgan Edge. Lastly, Lana Lang Cushing invites the Kent family over for a barbecue.

S7E14 - black-ish

After trying to prove to Diane that hip-hop isn’t dead, Dre realizes he may be out of touch with current trends; Jack thinks that he has become Bow’s best friend.

S2E7 - Prodigal Son

Malcolm focuses on a case in which a famous plastic surgeon is murdered; Martin gets a new job working in the infirmary with Dr. Vivian Capshaw; Jessica is surprised to learn her younger sister is in town.

S3E7 - FBI

As the team hunts a killer who is fatally shooting seemingly unrelated targets, an experience on the job has new agent Tiffany Wallace examining the tension between her career as an FBI special agent and the responsibility she feels to her community as a Black woman.

S8E16 - The Curse of Oak Island

With further excavation of the ever-expanding stone roadway, the team uncovers more evidence of a possible maritime connection.

S1E3 - Kenan

Kenan struggles with his increased work schedule when “Wake Up With Kenan!” adds a fourth hour. Rick encourages Kenan to get tough and say “no” more often. Gary suspects that Tami has her eye on Kenan’s job and takes matters into his own hands.

S4E7 - The Resident

When Conrad gets a call from his former army commander who is stranded and wounded in the forest, the trip to save him brings lots of old emotions to the surface. Devon and Kit treat a patient who suffers from sickle cell anemia and encourage her to have a hip replacement to help treat her pain. Meanwhile, The Raptor is pulled away in the middle of an intense surgery, Mina is left to put her skills and finish the surgery on her own and Bell works on reconnecting with his stepson after helping him get hired at the hospital.

S18E8 - NCIS

The discovery of two dead bodies in a forest leads the NCIS team into the wild world of modern-day treasure hunting. Also, Gibbs and Fornell get deeper into their search for the opioid kingpin.

S7E1 - The Flash

When an experiment to save Barry’s speed backfires, Nash Wells searches for a way to save The Flash and comes up with a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Iris makes a startling realization inside the Mirrorverse and Cecile faces off with Rosa Dillon.

S3E9 - Hudson & Rex

S20E2 - The Voice

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the second night of Blind Auditions.

S1E3 - Young Rock

Hawaii, 1982: When wrestlers start dropping out of Lia’s Battle Royale, she suspects a rival promoter may be to blame. As Rocky’s wrestling career skyrockets, Ata takes a leap of faith to pursue a musical dream.

S15E101 - Rachael Ray

Clinton Kelly is back with a simple, no-bake dessert: Banana Toffee Pie With Pretzel Crust! And Rachael’s serving up a salad with sliced steak and a Caesar-style dressing. Later, relax with the voice behind Netflix’s “Headspace Guide to Meditation.”

S3E8 - Log Horizon

At the Round Table Conference gathering, people notice that Rayneshia seems to be preoccupied by something. Meanwhile, on their way back from training, Toya and the others find Ancient sisters.

S1E14 - She Would Never Know

S1E166 - Black Clover

As the situation in the Heart Kingdom deteriorates beyond belief, Captain Yami Sukehiro pushes past his limits.

S5E31 - VICE News Tonight

Women of color and female business owners are feeling the pandemic’s economic toll at disproportionate rates. VICE News joins one Venezuelan-American as she closes her restaurant.

S26E66 - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

S1E1 - Debris

Two agents, from two different continents, and two different mindsets, must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind.

S2E6 - Snowpiercer

Melanie fights for survival in treacherous conditions, vying to do what others before her could not.

S4E4 - Black Lightning

Jefferson pays Tobias a visit and warns him to stay away from his family.

S14E9 - Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch’s investigation of a murder at an opium den intersects with Brackenreid’s pursuit of Nomi’s missing friend.

S29E9 - WWE Raw

The Miz defends the WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley.

S20E1 - The Voice

The talent is exceptional and the competition fierce as Nick Jonas reclaims his red chair alongside returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon.

S4E7 - 9-1-1

The 118 rush to save a man pinned under a Humvee, and a garage band that rocks out too hard. Enlisting Bobby and Athena’s help, Michael installs a new “rear window,” and turns into an amateur detective after noticing strange behavior at a nearby apartment. Meanwhile, Hen’s mother unexpectedly arrives and announces she is moving to LA, and Buck’s re-entry into the dating pool ends in disaster.

S3E7 - All American

With Coop performing in Las Vegas, Spencer and some of the gang take a road trip to see her and Layla on tour. Spencer gets a little clarity on his feelings. Olivia notices that Jordan and Simone are acting suspicious.

S3E20 - DuckTales

Della, Dewey and Huey recruit a showboating pilot to take them to an island full of monsters in search of a missing mystery, unaware that Don Karnage is hot on their tails.

S62E42 - Coronation Street

Alya flips when she learns Geoff left everything to Tim but Tim says he wants to transfer his inheritance to Yasmeen.

S15E100 - Rachael Ray

Ethan Suplee from “Remember the Titans” + “Boy Meets World” is opening up about his over 280-pound weight loss. Then, makeup maven Mally Roncal is helping a deserving mom give herself a whole new look at home. Plus, Rachael’s got a simple chicken and veggie sheet pan supper.

S1E13 - She Would Never Know

Recently Aired

Recently Aired

S1E9 - WandaVision

S2E3 - For All Mankind

A dispute on the moon prompts NASA officials to consider arming astronauts. Ed’s past comes back to haunt him.

S26E69 - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

S5E34 - VICE News Tonight

S2E11 - The Unicorn

When Wade and Shannon have trouble connecting while they are living far apart, he is forced to consider the realistic future of their relationship. Also, Forrest starts suffering from insomnia and doesn’t know how to tell Delia that she is…

S9E10 - Last Man Standing

Mike’s willpower is put to the test when Vanessa challenges him to go vegetarian for a week. Meanwhile, Ed trolls ventriloquist Jeff Dunham on social media and Mandy and Kyle move into Kristin and Ryan’s guest house.

S1E10 - Call Me Kat

When Carter helps Kat get elected to the local business council, a rift forms in their friendship when she doesn’t vote in his favor to keep the bar open later; Sheila asks Max to help her move some of her furniture to make room for her boyfriend.

S8E10 - Mom

Bonnie and Adam’s romantic dinner is interrupted as the other ladies struggle with love on Valentine’s Day. Also, Wendy’s new relationship becomes the talk of the group.

S1E10 - B Positive

Drew falls into a deep depression after a friend’s failed kidney surgery, and it’s up to Gina to help him out of it.

S6E11 - Superstore

On the day of Store 1217’s first deep cleaning since the pandemic began, Glenn ropes Garrett into throwing a party to cheer up the employees. Dina needs Cheyenne’s guidance when her ability to run the store is compromised. Jonah tries to help Mateo.

S4E10 - Young Sheldon

Sheldon campaigns to become Dr. Linkletter’s lab assistant. Also, Georgie enlists the help of Mr. Lundy, the drama teacher, for a surprising business venture.

S19E9 - Hell's Kitchen

It’s time for the iconic Blind Taste Test. The winners enjoy a helicopter ride, while punishment awaits the losers. Both teams struggle during service, but who will be sent home?

S23E58 - Pokémon

S2020E38 - Match of the Day

S2E8 - Dr. Stone

The Final Battle for the miracle cave starts as Senku and the Kingdom of Science conduct a frontal assault on the cave.

Coming soon

Coming soon

S2E3 - For All Mankind

A dispute on the moon prompts NASA officials to consider arming astronauts. Ed’s past comes back to haunt him.

S1E9 - WandaVision

S15E103 - Rachael Ray

Rachael’s making a crowd-pleaser today – French Onion Risotto! Then, Rach and John are answering your viewer questions. Plus, former “Queer Eye” grooming guru Kyan Douglas is showing off his favorite at-home grooming gadgets.

S62E46 - Coronation Street

Leanne finds dealer Jacob in the flat with Simon. As the mum appeals to Carla for help, the scary situation spirals… Home from hospital, Yasmeen makes decisions about her future. Tyrone finds himself getting closer to Alina and quits yoga.

S15E9 - Flikken Maastricht

S28E20 - The Graham Norton Show

Joining Graham: `Line of Duty’ stars Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar, talking about the sixth series, Daisy Ridley, in `Chaos Walking’, Bryan Cranston, returning as a judge in the drama `Your Honor’, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, in `Locked Down’.

S28E20 - The Graham Norton Show

Joining Graham: `Line of Duty’ stars Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar, talking about the sixth series, Daisy Ridley, in `Chaos Walking’, Bryan Cranston, returning as a judge in the drama `Your Honor’, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, in `Locked Down’.

S2E9 - A Discovery of Witches

As Diana and Matthew return to London, Diana learns news that could change everything. The Queen holds Matthew to account.

S8E9 - The Blacklist

The Task Force is thrown for a loop when they encounter a nefarious enterprise that provides doppelgängers for criminals. Red scrambles to counteract a bold move by Liz.

S5E10 - MacGyver

While on a mission to hunt down a Codex lead, Mac and the team discover Murdoc hacked their comms and has recorded them for months. Now, Mac and the team must stop Murdoc, who is working with Andrews, as they plot to kill thousands and reveal each Phoenix member’s most-guarded secrets.

S11E19 - Gold Rush

Rick bets on a new stretch of ground that pays out with a monster nugget. Parker confronts Brennan over a missed opportunity. Tony digs up a relic that could lead him to virgin ground.

S12E16 - Shark Tank

S1E10 - Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Griffin and Harper successfully travel to the past, where they find Savannah working at The Tremont.

S3E10 - Magnum P.I.

When an Army ranger goes missing after returning from deployment, Magnum learns of the traumatic news he received upon arriving home and must find him before survivor’s guilt consumes him.

S4E7 - Wynonna Earp

Love is in the air as Waverly and Nicole celebrate their engagement with an enchanted evening.

S19E7 - Real Time with Bill Maher

90s Populars

90s Populars

Beverly Hills, 90210

Follow the lives of a group of teenagers living in the upscale, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School and, subsequently, the fictitious California University after graduation.

Stargate SG-1

The story of Stargate SG-1 begins about a year after the events of the feature film, when the United States government learns that an ancient alien device called the Stargate can access a network of such devices on a multitude of planets. SG-1 is an elite Air Force special operations team, one of more than two dozen teams from Earth who explore the galaxy and defend against alien threats such as the Goa’uld, Replicators, and the Ori.

Family Guy

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin’ Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids. Stewie (a brilliant but sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and taking over the world), Meg (the oldest, and is the most unpopular girl in town) and Chris (the middle kid, he’s not very bright but has a passion for movies). The final member of the family is Brian – a talking dog and much more than a pet, he keeps Stewie in check whilst sipping Martinis and sorting through his own life issues.

Secret Lives

Salatut elämät is a Finnish television series that premiered on MTV3 on 25 January 1999. It was the first, and so far only, Finnish daily soap opera. During the series’ 14-year run, over 2,500 episodes have been aired. On 17 August 2009, it was announced that Salatut elämät will be on the air until the spring 2015 making the series the second longest-lasting drama series of all time in Finland, only behind Yle TV1’s Kotikatu. The series’ storylines follow the daily lives of several families who live in the same apartment block in Helsinki. The series primarily centres around the residents of Pihlajakatu and its neighbouring areas. Only three of the original twenty characters Seppo, Ismo and Kalle, still remain in the series, and most of the series’ current characters have made their debuts in 2008 or later. MTV3 also airs reruns of the series every weekend. In the summer, the channel airs reruns of the series; in the summer of 2011, episodes from the season 2006–2007 and 2007–2008 were aired. Four web spin-off series have been made; Romeo & Rafael Desperados in 2008, Lillukanvarsia in 2010–2011, Tuuliranta in 2011–2012 and “Young man cash man” in 2013.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

South Park

Follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado.


The misadventures of a group of friends as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in Manhattan.

The Sopranos

The story of New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano and the difficulties he faces as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life and the criminal organization he heads. Those difficulties are often highlighted through his ongoing professional relationship with psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi. The show features Tony’s family members and Mafia associates in prominent roles and story arcs, most notably his wife Carmela and his cousin and protégé Christopher Moltisanti.


Join Satoshi accompanied by his partner Pikachu, as he travels through many regions, meets new friends and faces new challenges on his quest to become a Pokémon Master.


A regularly scheduled, live, year-round program featuring some of the biggest WWE Superstars.

Midsomer Murders

The peacefulness of the Midsomer community is shattered by violent crimes, suspects are placed under suspicion, and it is up to a veteran DCI and his young sergeant to calmly and diligently eliminate the innocent and ruthlessly pursue the guilty.

Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show with David Letterman is an American late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS. The show debuted on August 30, 1993, and is produced by Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants Incorporated and CBS Television Studios. The show’s music director and band-leader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra, is Paul Shaffer. The head writer is Matt Roberts and the announcer is Alan Kalter. Of the major U.S. late-night programs, Late Show ranks second in cumulative average viewers over time and third in number of episodes over time. The show leads other late night shows in ad revenue with $271 million in 2009. In most U.S. markets the show airs at 11:35 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time, but is recorded Monday through Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m and 6:00 p.m. The second Thursday episode usually airs on Friday of that week. In 2002, Late Show with David Letterman was ranked No. 7 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. CBS has a contract with Worldwide Pants to continue the show through 2014; by then, Letterman will surpass Johnny Carson as the longest tenured late-night talk show host.

Star Trek: Voyager

Pulled to the far side of the galaxy, where the Federation is 75 years away at maximum warp speed, a Starfleet ship must cooperate with Maquis rebels to find a way home.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.