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Air Days Ago

Air Days Ago

S11E8 - Archer

Archer and the gang travel to Antarctica to solve a murder mystery with international implications.

S32E3 - The Amazing Race

Teams are in Manaus, Brazil where they have big decisions to make when they encounter the first U-turn of the Race.

S7E4 - black-ish

Dre underestimates how hard operating during a pandemic will be for the Johnsons; Junior’s attempts to bring his girlfriend closer to the family are stymied by the new realities of social distancing.

S47E15 - NOVA

As global temperatures continue to rise, scientists are wondering if we need solutions beyond reducing emissions. Enter geoengineering. From sucking carbon straight out of the air to physically blocking out sunlight, the options may seem far-fetched. But as time runs out on conventional solutions to climate change, scientists are asking the hard questions: Can geoengineering really work? How much would it cost? And what are the risks of engineering Earth’s climate? (Premiering October 28 at 9 pm on PBS)

S1E4 - Trickster

Wade tells Jared he’s in danger from Georgina and that Jared may be a Trickster.

S3E2 - The Conners

Mary is devastated that Halloween has been canceled by the city, so Darlene and Becky enlist Jackie and the rest of the family to create an unforgettable experience. Meanwhile, Mark goes toe-to-toe with another kid at school who doesn’t believe in wearing a mask.

S5E1 - American Housewife

Katie goes to great lengths to appease Principal Ablin in order to ensure Taylor graduates high school. Meanwhile, Greg finishes ghost writing the final chapter of Lonnie’s book. And while Oliver is devastated to learn Cooper’s family will be moving out of Westport, Anna-Kat tells Franklin she is ready to venture outside her comfort zone and plans to attend sleep-away camp during summer break.

S14E48 - WWE NXT

S2E45 - All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite

S22E37 - Big Brother

The live two-hour season finale of “Big Brother: All-Stars”. Find out who becomes the final Head of Household, setting the stage for the last eviction of the season. The jury will then cast their votes live for the winner. Then, all 16…

S4E5 - The Masked Singer

The final group of celebrity contestants take the stage for their first performances of Season 4.

S8E21 - Catfish: The TV Show

After meeting Anna on facebook two months earlier, Jay has questions about her story and wonders if she’s too good to be true, so he turns to Nev and Kamie to help get him answers.

S2E31 - Bluey

S1E3 - The Sister

As Nathan and Bob grimly dig up the woods, the truth about that night is revealed, but just when Nathan hopes his nightmare is over, Bob has another twist of the knife.

S61E172 - Coronation Street

Johnny learns some troubling consequences of his past misdeeds. Alya resolves to persuade Geoff to sell number six. Sean tries to bond with his son.

S15E33 - Rachael Ray

“ABC News” meteorologist Ginger Zee checks in with Rach! Plus, in the kitchen, we’ve got two pumpkin recipes on deck today. Rachael’s making pumpkin soup and grilled cheese and Tommy DiDario is dishing out pumpkin spice muffins that are gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free.

S12E7 - Tosh.0

Daniel calls 911 regarding a superhero being “attacked” at a barbecue, meets a man obsessed with seasonal Halloween stores and reveals unexpected objects extracted from peoples’ bodies.

S7E20 - Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots

S19E4 - The Voice

The “Blind Auditions” continue as superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon. The vocalists compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to be named “The Voice.”

S1E2 - The Sister

Nathan discovers his loved ones are under threat. As the secrets of the past threaten to come to light, a surprising connection between past and present is revealed.

S2E30 - Bluey

S15E32 - Rachael Ray

Rachael’s sharing an easy weeknight supper you can make on one tray for quick cleanup. (Spoiler alert: Sausages with Apples, Fennel, Onion & Fingerling Potatoes!) Then, award-winning Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s serving up Coconut Fried Chicken with Sweet Hot Sauce. Plus, Dr. Kristi Funk is sharing what we can do every day for better breast health.

S1E149 - Black Clover

S5E1 - This Is Us

The Pearsons gather to celebrate their 40th birthday while musing about the day they were born.

S1E1 - Blood of Zeus

Demons attack the polis near the home of the outcast Heron, who finds allies in the wise elder Elias and the fierce Amazonian warrior Alexia.

S1E4 - Soulmates

Mateo and Jonah meet at a bar and immediately hit it off. Mateo is furious when he discovers that Jonah stole his passport, sabotaging his chance to fly to Colombia to meet his soulmate the next day, so they go on a wild adventure to get it back.

S1E7 - We Are Who We Are

The friend group fractures even further over their hatred for Colonel Wilson, whom they blame for a tragedy that’s rocked the base. As Caitlin momentarily pauses her self-discovery journey and Danny fully commits to his, Richard’s insubordination reaches a breaking point, forcing Wilson to make a difficult decision.

S1E5 - Filthy Rich

Margaret’s confidante, Franklin, uses Mardi Gras to reflect and honor his mother’s memory.

S2E6 - Jann

The rift between Jann and Cale grows when Cale books a music video shoot that’s way outside Jann’s comfort zone.

S28E43 - WWE Raw

S29E7 - Dancing with the Stars

Ten celebrity and pro-dancer couples find their inner villain as they compete to a variety of songs.

S19E3 - The Voice

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the third night of Blind Auditions.

S3E4 - Corner Gas Animated

Brent and Hank despair when their favorite wrestler turns to talking about gardening with Emma, making Oscar jealous. Wanda and Lacey fight over a smart speaker. Davis and Karen must explain a personal massager as part of the police expenses.

S22E36 - Big Brother

American version of the reality game show which follows a group of HouseGuests living together 24 hours a day in the “Big Brother” house, isolated from the outside world but under constant surveillance with no privacy for three months.

S3E13 - DuckTales

With F.O.W.L. at their heels, Scrooge tests out the Money Bin’s new security system on Louie and Della, while Beakley and Webby train the others for an enemy attack.

S1E1 - The Sister

Nathan seems to have it all, but has never been able to forget the worst night of his life: a party that led to the sudden, shocking death of a young woman… his wife’s sister. Only he and Bob, an eccentric old acquaintance, know what really happened — and they’ve resolved to keep it that way. Until one rainy evening, years later, when Bob appears at Nathan’s door with terrifying news. They’re digging up the woods.

S2E29 - Bluey

It is Bluey’s first trip to the cinema, but she’s worried that the movie will be too scary. When Bingo starts running amok in the theatre, she must conquer her fear and help Dad out.

S2E6 - Ghosts

The big day at Button House has arrived, but some freak weather disrupts everyone’s plans.

S61E170 - Coronation Street

Johnny angers Scott by refusing to participate in the robbery. Gail disapproves of Nick’s blind support of Leanne. Todd plots mischief for Eileen.

S15E31 - Rachael Ray

Rachael’s teaching you how to make a deviled chicken with cheesy butternut squash! Then, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dad—Luis Miranda—joins us and opens up about his new HBO documentary, “Siempre Luis.” Plus, get real-life teacher tips for remote learning. And later, Taniya Nayak pulls off a DIY bedroom makeover on a budget.

Recently Aired

Recently Aired

S1E5 - The Right Stuff

Trudy meets with Jerrie Cobb and is invited to join the first all-female-astronaut corps. The Mercury 7 are sent to San Diego for some glad-handing, but the trip sours when Shepard is caught by a reporter with another woman. Glenn helps Shepard get the story spiked, but his moralizing drives a wedge between him and the other astronauts that will directly affect who is chosen to go to space first.

S3E1 - Suburra: Blood on Rome

S2E1 - The Mandalorian

S19E6 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians

As L.A. prepares for a potential lockdown, Khloé falls ill and worries that she may have Covid-19. Malika goes into labour and cannot bring her support system to the hospital. Kris is devastated that she cannot safely be with her mum.

S6E1 - Superstore

During the coronavirus pandemic, Amy and Jonah try to bring order to the chaos in Cloud 9 while being pulled in multiple directions. The employees learn what it means to be “heroes,” while Amy and Jonah’s impending move to California looms large.

S15E17 - Supernatural

Dean hits the road with Jack who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck. A difference of opinion leaves Sam and Castiel behind looking for answers to questions of their own.

S2E32 - Bluey

S3E3 - Riviera

Georgina and Gabriel interrogate a hungover Cesar about Tomas Castillo. Later, Georgina runs into trouble with Ellen when visiting Alex.

S1E4 - The Sister

After Bob’s true intentions are revealed, Nathan fights back with everything he has. But how far is he prepared to go?

S23E43 - Pokémon

S15E34 - Rachael Ray

Today’s show is good for your health! Rachael’s cooking up seasoned noodles and cucumber salad. Then, Dr. Ian Smith is answering viewer questions about staying healthy during the flu season, and Dr. William Li is breaking down one of the latest Covid headlines.

S3E3 - Star Trek: Discovery

Reunited with Burnham, Discovery heads to Earth to find out what has happened to the Federation in the last thousand years.

Coming soon

Coming soon

S2E1 - The Mandalorian

S3E1 - Suburra: Blood on Rome

S1E5 - The Right Stuff

Trudy meets with Jerrie Cobb and is invited to join the first all-female-astronaut corps. The Mercury 7 are sent to San Diego for some glad-handing, but the trip sours when Shepard is caught by a reporter with another woman. Glenn helps Shepard get the story spiked, but his moralizing drives a wedge between him and the other astronauts that will directly affect who is chosen to go to space first.

S1E1 - Truth Seekers

S1E2 - Truth Seekers

Gus and Elton are sent to fix the broadband connection at The Portland Beacon, “the only horror themed hotel on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast”. Just as Gus is beginning to tire of the eccentric owners and their daft horror gimmicks, Elton…

S7E21 - PAW Patrol

The pups are getting a surprise present ready for Ryder. However, it ends up in the jungle and the tools inside it are in the hands of monkeys.

S15E35 - Rachael Ray

How does Rachael pull off Halloween at home? We’ve got Alfonso Ribeiro with some of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Halloween edition! Then, party planner-to-the-stars, Mary Giuliani, is showing how to make easy, no-bake haunted Halloween treats with store-bought desserts — Ghost in a Jar & an Edible Graveyard. Plus, if you like apple pie with cheddar on top, Rachael is making your dream casserole!

S4E18 - Haikyu!!

Nekoma faces off in the second set against Sarukawa tech in one of their most challenging sets yet. Sarukawa tech’s plan on taking out Nekoma’s setter, Kenma, gets set in motion.

S61E174 - Coronation Street

Geoff gets one over on Alya by making a complaint about her to the police for harassment. Later, the abuser meets up with his new girlfriend in a swanky hotel! Johnny heads to the police station to make a confession. But when Scott gets wind of his plan, he orders Johnny to stop and return home -or he’ll shoot Jenny!

S2E33 - Bluey

S28E5 - The Graham Norton Show

Graham is joined by Irish actor and singer Jessie Buckley, comedian Bill Bailey, children’s author David Walliams and singer Dermot Kennedy, who performs his single Giants.

S11E2 - Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel, Dave Turin and Fred Hurt reveal their gold mining origins and how a small remote corner of Southeast Alaska changed their destinies.

S12E3 - Shark Tank

A husband and wife from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pitch their adult swaddle design. Entrepreneurs from Plano, Texas, pitch their inventive approach to fish luring. A husband and wife from Las Vegas, Nevada, share their retail franchise that serves a variety of cereal-centric treats. An entrepreneur from Provo, Utah, pitches his product designed to relieve back pain.

S2E5 - Warrior

A guilty Mai Ling tries to make things right with Ah Sahm, who’s more intent than ever on seeking revenge. Penny finds her business in trouble and learns that Ah Sahm has been using her. Leary gets a warning and offers one of his own. Ah Toy pays an emotional visit to Nellie’s Sonoma winery. Bill and Chao put their plot against the Fung Hai into action.

90s Populars

90s Populars

Beverly Hills, 90210

Follow the lives of a group of teenagers living in the upscale, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School and, subsequently, the fictitious California University after graduation.

Family Guy

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin’ Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids. Stewie (a brilliant but sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and taking over the world), Meg (the oldest, and is the most unpopular girl in town) and Chris (the middle kid, he’s not very bright but has a passion for movies). The final member of the family is Brian – a talking dog and much more than a pet, he keeps Stewie in check whilst sipping Martinis and sorting through his own life issues.

South Park

Follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado.

Stargate SG-1

The story of Stargate SG-1 begins about a year after the events of the feature film, when the United States government learns that an ancient alien device called the Stargate can access a network of such devices on a multitude of planets. SG-1 is an elite Air Force special operations team, one of more than two dozen teams from Earth who explore the galaxy and defend against alien threats such as the Goa’uld, Replicators, and the Ori.


A regularly scheduled, live, year-round program featuring some of the biggest WWE Superstars.


The misadventures of a group of friends as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in Manhattan.


Harmon “Harm” Rabb Jr. is a former pilot turned lawyer working for the military’s JAG (Judge Advocate General) division, the elite legal wing of officers that prosecutes and defends those accused of military-related crimes. He works closely with Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie, and together they do what needs to be done to find the truth.


Join Satoshi, accompanied by his partner Pikachu, as he travels through many regions, meets new friends and faces new challenges on his quest to become a Pokémon Master.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

At Deep Space Nine, a space station located next to a wormhole in the vicinity of the liberated planet of Bajor, Commander Sisko and crew welcome alien visitors, root out evildoers and solve all types of unexpected problems that come their way.


Explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its overburdened emergency room.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer.


The adventures of a late-20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company in the retro-futuristic 31st century.