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Watch Патриот 2020 Online

Watch Zhuki 2019 Online

Watch Peace! Friendship! Chewing gum! 2020 Online

The year is 1993. 14-year-old Alex Ryabinin lives a normal teenage life – looking for adventure, trying to protect himself from hooligans, does not want learn music, does not know how to meet girls and which adults to follow as an example. On the one hand – an honest but poor family with a saleswoman mother and a father who is a docent, on the other – the dangerous world of an Afghan veteran Uncle Alik. And there’s also the girl Zhenya, whose encounter triggers a series of irreversible events that will forever change the life of Alex. Running away from hooligans, Alex steals a car of local criminal authority, and in an instant everything changes. Will he be able to cope with all the problems, being in the heart of events? Will he be able to save his family and finally understand who he is? Only one thing is clear – life will never be the same again. Not for Alex himself, nor for the whole of Russia.

Watch The Dark Side of the Moon 2012 Online

In present-day Russia a car accident mysteriously sends a detective back to the 1970s Soviet Union. A remake of the BBC series.

Watch Polyarny 2019 Online

Viktor Gromov, once a legend of criminal Moscow, nicknamed the Butcher, has long retired and while away his days on a country farm. But one fine day, his former colleagues in a dangerous business appear on the farm and confront the fact that Vitya must overexpose the thieves’ common fund in his bank account. He has to agree. But on the very day when Vitya has to return the money, he gets a blow on the head and completely forgets the password from the bank account. Fleeing from his former accomplices, Vitya finds himself thousands of kilometers from Moscow. In a small northern town called Polyarny-17…

Watch Grand 2018 Online

The series, spun off from the successful Eleon Hotel, continues the theme of adventurous hotel. It will be about Kseniya, student of the Barnaul Institute of Tourism and Hotel Business, who dreams of a career in managing her own hotel

Watch The Blackout 2020 Online

In the near future, life on earth is destroyed except for a small area in Eastern Europe. Russian military fights off hoards of remaining humans controlled by aliens and work to prevent a successful invasion by an alien force set on conquering the plant.

Watch Stone Jungle Laws 2015 Online

Four guys from the outskirts of Moscow decide to make easy money – to overtake a car with stolen cargo inside. Not really thinking about the consequences, they make one mistake after another, and very soon they have serious problems with the law. Now there is no turning back, and in order to survive, four friends need to stick together at all costs.

Watch The Ivanovs vs. The Ivanovs 2017 Online

Watch The Project "Anna Nikolaevna" 2020 Online

Russian scientists created an android policeman. Ideal in all respects, Captain Anna Nikolaevna Korolkevich goes to serve in a provincial town to see real life and become a human. Colleagues think that Anna Nikolaevna is the daughter of the Deputy Minister, and nothing foreshadows misfortune until humanization goes too far.